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The process of designing for an audience is a bit different than creating a strictly artistic piece. An artist only has themselves to please. As I designer, I follow a distinct process.


First I collect the necessary information; the “who?, what?, when?, where?, why?”. I ask the right questions to help understand the target audience, and best convey the information in an interesting and organized way. Among the topics I cover during the initial fact-finding are audience, message, technical requirements, budget and deadlines.  Then I take time to find inspiration, research the competition and brainstorm freely. By taking the time to get inspired and organize my thoughts, I can produce quality results in less time.  ¶  The next step is to present the initial design or, depending on the project, multiple options for the design. I make sure you feel free to share what you need changed, or sometimes mix and match features from the different options presented. This part of the graphic design process requires the most attention. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and collaborate with me to get your message out correctly. Taking the time to tease out the right information is quicker than making revisions  over and over again.    The process is really fairly simple, and relatively painless. It's fun too! I am here to help you express your vision. Feel free to contact me for your next project.

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